Hay Dairies Rebrand

How do we market a local, traditional Goat dairy?

Academic YearPolytechnic Final Year Project 2014
TutorChris Seow, Autocutt
Group matesCharmaine Soh


As part of the Final Year Project for the Diploma in Visual Communication & Media Design (DVMD), we are to pick a client of our own choice and propose a rebranding exercise. We picked Hay Dairies, a local goat dairy farm in Lim Chu Kang.

Hay Dairies

The only goat farm in Singapore

Hay Dairies is the only goat farm in Singapore since 1988. The main product is goat’s milk, which is freshly milked every morning and shipped to customers islandwide. Goat milk often has a musky, “goaty” smell and flavour that turns away customers, but due to Hay Dairies’ excellent control over their goats’ health, food, and environment, the milk produced has little of the “goaty” smell and taste. 

“But does it taste goaty?”

However, many Singaporeans have a negative impression of goat’s milk in general, due to the smells and tastes of imported goat’s milk. As such, for our branding and advertising exercise, we wanted to portray Hay Dairies as a local brand dedicated to fresh, great tasting goat’s milk.

Summarising our campaign:

Why so blue?

Contrary to convention, blue was chosen as the primary brand color of Hay Dairies despite its association with the medical, clinical fields. The blue pigment is also rare in nature, leading to a possible perception of blue as “unnatural”. Yet, blue is also associated with freshness, and in certain contexts, honesty and stability. Furthermore, negative associations of blue usually apply when the food itself is blue.

Considering the importance of portraying the freshness of the milk and cleanliness of Hay Dairies’ products and farm experience, we went with a bright blue colour as the brand’s primary colour. Such a colour was carefully chosen for its sharp contrast with the pure white colour of the goat’s milk while remaining a high brightness, and used in areas to compliment the main product instead of overpowering it.