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A Bigger Picture

Singapore’s largest landscape mural – an approach to industrial envelopes

GroupmatesGoi Yong Chern
Competition HostNEA / PUB


NEA’s Integrated Waste Management Facility (IWMF) will be very different from Singapore’s existing incineration plants. The IWMF will handle multiple waste streams: incinerable waste, source segregated food waste, household recyclables and dewatered sludge from the neighbouring Tuas Water Reclamation Plant (TWRP).

Both the co-located IWMF and TWRP will collectively be known as Tuas Nexus, a water-energy- waste nexus that maximizes synergies.
Tuas Nexus is an energy self-sufficient infrastructure that will also export electricity to the grid.
This iconic development with innovative design features is symbolic of sustainable urban planning.

Let us have your ideas on how it should look.

We propose a colossal, continuous landscape mural – not in paint, but in ETFE membrane and living green wall.

In doing so we seize the opportunity to push ETFE into the mainstream. Its use will necessitate SGBC certification; subsequently, as a lightweight, self-cleaning, environmentally friendly alternative, we hope to see its wider application – starting from the Tuas Nexus- spread across Singapore in all types and forms of architecture.

Leveraging the immense scale of the IWMF buildings, the aesthetic and functional facade imbues the architecture with meaning: a dream to safeguard, nurture, and cherish our natural environment.

Documentation in progress.

Download the report for a brief overview.